Visual comedy where words are few and understandable by everyone.

Sarcastic and crazy humour suitable for an international and adult audience.

A kind of “The Best of Renato Fog”.
Gag after gag, this hilarious show is suitable for kids and adults, making it perfect for the whole family.

Beautiful puppets and weird objects coming to life in front of your eyes, to create a fantastic story.

This show will fill your eyes and ears with colours and music.
A lot of funny characters for you to guess...who will be next?

The most awaited event by let them dream with entertainment shows created expressly for the most magical time of the year.

It could be a themed show or a street performance. Book the event that suits you better!

Endless possibilities to make your kids feel really special.
Together we will find the perfect solution for an unforgettable party!

Please note:

1. The shows include the presence of our sound engineer.
2. The duration of the show may change according to specific needs, kind of audience and location.

Artwork by Big Leo (

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